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“Who’s that down there in that little blue planet down there?
Ah look. It’s those savages, at it again.”

Three men are talking. Same as every other day.
Cycle lanes, convicted footballers, Dylan Thomas, alien invasions, the price of mackerel...
But it’s the stories in between that make this a day they won’t forget.
In a departure from her earlier documentary practice Una McKevitt blends fiction and reality to create characters who, through their everyday conversations and personal histories they share, demonstrate the power of companionship and courage. Alien Documentary considers the possibilities of a new world, where the mysteries of the universe have started to unravel and there is nothing left to hide.
“There were 4 billion stars discovered last year. Do the math. It is next to impossible that we are alone.”

Written and Directed by Una McKevitt
Cast: PJ Gallagher, Molly O’Mahony, James Scales

Synopsis Reviews Productions Media

Irish Times
“Alien Documentary is an enjoyable meditation on masculinity, anchored by three extremely likeable performances; the aliens are the men before us, revealing the hidden truths of their species.”

Sunday Times
“Alien Documentary has a mind bending otherworldly feel to it placing the audience provocatively as accidental voyeurs… cleverly resonates.".

The Reviews Hub
“The ‘alien’ of this documentary ultimately emerges as McKevitt’s representation of honest disclosure among Irish masculinity, a sad truth which is thought provoking in it’s portrayal. Alien Documentary is stylistically metatheatrical. Yet at times McKevitt’s depiction of male masculinity feels exceptionally real.”

‘The discreet veil of intimidation haunts McKevitt’s enlightening portrayal of men hurt by the patriarchy, given no forum in which to speak truthfully except when amongst their own. McKevitt’s play shows that to ignore masculinity is to miss the point of toppling the patriarchy; the need to free both sexes.’

DRAFF Magazine
"In Alien Documentary the men are doing something highly unfamiliar – in an air of acceptance and openness they share their darkest secrets, revealing the nature of both abuser and abused with a considered script and performances. It is refreshing to be given access to a space in which men are allowed to speak freely and with sensitivity about such delicate matters.."

Synopsis Reviews Productions Media

Dublin Theatre Festival, Project Cube
Harmonie Theatre, Leeuwarden The Netherlands
Oct 2016
May 2017

Synopsis Reviews Productions Media

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